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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 25, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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breaking news out of washington state preempted our interview with the nra. we'll have that for you tomorrow night. thanks for watching, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow at 9:00. welcome to this breaking news edition of hannity. in a moment, we're going to have the latest on the mystery surrounding flight 370. a preview of what's ahead tonight, two special guests will join me here in the studio. mitt romney will respond to president obama's comments after our commander in chief said his 2012 opponent is still wrong about russia. in the studio, the former governor of california, aarons will stop by, no topics off limits. before all of that, we turn our focus back to the missing 777. despite claims from the malaysian government there's still no physical evidence that this plane crashed into the
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indian ocean, which is why tonight the search continues. here with the latest on those efforts from sky news in australia, we welcome back dan murphy. what's going on in australia tonight. >> well, sean, look, thankfully some better weather expected for today's search, but australia's defense minister says pilots and air crews are under incredible pressure to recover any until evidence from flight 370. there's been nothing yet. adding to that pressure was the decision to suspend all search operations yesterday because of the extreme gale force winds, low lying cloud which was hindering visibility and heavy swells in the search site. australian 240authorities said conditions were so dangerous, it was unsafe for crews to leave the base. the focus today is still very much on the recovery of the objects detected on satellite and by surveillance aircraft earlier in the week.
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as many as 12 aircraft will be involved in today's air search. the australian ship that was in the search zone when this bad weather hit was forced to steam south to escape danger. that ship is returning to the hunt today. also, the chinese ship and three other chinese vessels expected to arrive in the search zone later today. the australian prime minister says every single effort is being made in this search, and australia owes it to the families and an anxious world to find this wreckage. >> dan, thank you very much. while the search continues, there are major questions tonight about how and why the malaysian prime minister concluded the plane was in the indian ocean without any physical evidence or any debris. last night congressman peter king slammed the malaysian government for its handling of the entire investigation.
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>> the conduct and tactics of the malaysian government have been inept and inexcusable. i've felt for a while that the evidence seemed to say the plane had gone down, there's nothing definitive and nothing more definitive today than there was yesterday or the day before. >> joining me now is former adviser to the u.k.'s ministry of defense, michael kaye. also, dan hampton is with us. >> our government's not saying -- last night i kept saying, what evidence do we have that the malaysian prime minister would make such a conclusion. you say we now have more reason, at least you have an explanation as to how they got there? >> you're right, sean, it's not unequivocal, it's more information that would allow us to understand why the prime minister said what he did yesterday. i've been getting a lot of questions about why the inmarsat satellite is so important. it's important, because it
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provides the classic aero satellite system. that is the interface between the jet and the acars. that provides position, altitude heading and speed. the acars was switched off. what we know about is these pings. yesterday we're talking about these handshakes. they come in the form of a microwave. it's all about doppler shift. >> explain this. >> what we can say is if the plane is moving away from the inmarsat satellite, you get this elongated wave. if it's moving toward the satellite, you get this compressed wave. we know the station stands fixed in the orbit over the indian ocean. what this has led the analysts at inmarsat to be able to do -- this is unique -- it's allowed them to look at some of the differences in the wavelength and from that unique information they've been able to correlate it against various other
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aircraft in the region. let's go to the next map and i'll show you. we have the distance. we always knew about the distance, which gave us this arc, there be a lot of questions and rightly so, why has it gone south, why could it not have gone north? what they've done is, they've looked at various signals from other aircraft that were in that region north, and they contrasted them against these pings and what they concluded from that is that it couldn't be in the north, there's a correlation, a specific trend in the north, therefore it had to go south. >> that's why the search is in and around this area as we've been looking at? >> almost there. we know it's gone south. but how far south? there are two other reasons for that. we know it had a certain amount of fuel from the last transponder ping. they made an assumption as to how much fuel it had. and made the assumption it was going around 450 miles an hour. >> do we know how much fuel they
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had? >> i think it's hard to get it down to a precise ton, because we don't know where the aircraft went from the last transponder ping. we've been getting conflicting evidence on 29,000 feet, and then over the malaaca straight and back in. we don't know the route it's taken. a lot of people are saying it doesn't have the have the endurance to take that route. that's why they're looking in this area. you remember the conversation we were having about the airspace and also going across singapore? to me, we should still be going back to the indonesians and interrogating their primary radar and singapore's radar, it would have had to go over this airspace, and it perplexes me as to why we don't have everything. >> that means it's still an open question? this is a great theory, and everybody has theorys and we've been putting various ones on the program. but this is not definitive even in your mind even though you have the satellite connections, the waves as they go along.
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you don't seem convinced to me? >> i'm not 100% convinced because of the assumptions we've had to make. we're over 17 days into this investigation and we have nothing. so this is the only lead we have. >> there's one change in the time line today that kind of concerned me. we were always saying the route was changed, in other words, the flight path was changed inside the cockpit, meaning it had to be done manually by the pilots, we were told that was done before they said good night. now they're says, no, no, no, that was after. now they're going back to before. it keeps changing. how important is that piece of information? and why does it keep conflicting? >> again, you're absolutely right, there's a lot of conflicting evidence out there. i've always been of the view, how could you tell when one of the pilots was inputting something into the aircraft's computer? there isn't really a way without the acars to know what's happening next. what the acars does next, when
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it transmits one of those information feeds it will let you know what the next waypoint is, not the route, but the next waypoint. without that, i'm not sure how people understand what was going on in the cockpit. >> what possible explanation could it be with this shift in path, if not done by design? >> well, again -- >> by either the pilot or someone else on the plane. >> you hit the two nails on the head, the trans responder and the acars are critical. that's how we knew where the air france flight went down. we don't have this, which is why it's not even -- when people talk about looking for a needle in a haystack, we haven't even found the haystack. >> you do remember, we were talking about this, how many square miles just that was that they're searching from perth to hear is 1500 miles? 1600 miles? then you said just that circle is how many square feet? >> 125,000 square miles.
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>> now let's add this, what are we talking about there? >> it's crazy. have you to do the basic math, you're looking at something like 10 million square miles. >> let's bring dan in here, you hear what we're talking about on this. do you agree or concur with the way they came to this conclusion? >> i agree with a lot of what michael said, first of all, nobody really knows for certain yet. and again, in the absence of any evidence out to the east and certainly i never put much credence into the theory that this airplane went north into the asian mainland. the only explanation that i can come up with is that says hey, we haven't heard anything, there's no evidence. it's out in the ocean some, where that's the one place in the world where you wouldn't have any evidence, right? >> yes. >> what did you -- what about the changing time line? what about the transponder, what about acars being shut off? what about -- where is the one flotation device that we always hear about when we get on an
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airplane, we're scouring as they have been with planes and search vehicles of every type, nothing so far. why make the conclusion that -- the definitive conclusion it went down here? >> yeah, again, i don't think you can. i think it's the most likely explanation. and i'm with michael on the time line issues, because there's no real way to tell who did what when if acars was off. i don't know where they're getting all that information from. >> even what he's talking about in terms of the waves, the different waves and the analysis in terms of the signals going up to the satellite, do you agree with that, that that's how they put it together? >> yeah, well, that's certainly very possible. doppler processing is something that we use in fighter radars all the time, and michael's one of the first civilians i've heard mention target tracking radars, hats off to you there, this is not a mysterious technique. this is not something that's
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hard to do, it's just something that nobody had done yet in connection with this flight, and it's a very reasonable explanation to point you in the right direction, it's not going to put a thumbtack on a map somewhere. >> i would like to see the evidence. i think people, especially the families, they need to see this themselves to see how they came to this conclusion. dan, thank you, we have to run, we're running late here. michael as always at the hannity board, you run this beautifully. >> thank you. >> coming up next on hannity. in the light of recent developments, do you think mitt romney had a point when he said that russia is america's biggest geo political foe? >> in other breaking news today, when we return, you're going to hear president obama's ridiculous answer. and later, look out, because he's back, former california governor, the one and only arnold schwarzenegger. he's going to stop by. you don't want to miss that. as a star studd eded edition of
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welcome back to hannity, there are growing fears tonight that russia may be preparing to launch an attack beyond crimea, raising serious questions about president obama's leadership and what he's doing to contain this crisis, in light of the recent russian aggression, one can't help but remember the 2012 presidential debate, in which president obama made fun of mitt romney for labelling russia america's number one geo political foe. >> a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geo political threat facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda, you said russia. the 1980s are asking for their
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pop culture back. the cold war has been over for years. now he was asked if governor romney was actually right. >> do you think mitt romney had a point when he said that russia is america's biggest geo political foe. >> with respect to mr. romney's assertion that russia is our number one geo political foe, the truth of the matter is, america's got a whole lot of challenges. russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors. russia's actions are a problem. they don't pose the number one national security threat to the united states. i continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in manhattan. >> regional power?
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here to respond, the man himself, former presidential candidate, governor mitt romney. good to see you, how are you? >> great, sean. >> you look healthy, rested. >> thank you, i feel good. >> what's your reaction to that, a regional power? >> russia plays a part in many regions in the world, not only eastern europe, but the middle east now, the caribbean, they have a destroyer in cuba. i'm not sure where the president's going, but i think the american people understand the facts which is russia is the nation in the world who has opposed us at the u.n. when we wanted to put tougher sanctions on north korea, iran, sides with assad, and sides with some of the world's worst actors. let's not forget, they have probably twice as many nuclear warheads as we have. with thousands of nuclear warheads by the way. this is a nation which i don't see as a threat to us.
7:17 pm
i indicated at the time the greatest threat to us is a nuclear iran. in terms of who's playing politically against america, of course, it's russia, and, of course, the president recognizes that. he may not want to say it, but he recognizes it. >> i don't think he does. >> on the playing field of the u.n. and geopolitics, it's russia always on the other side pushing against us, and now they've done something very dangerous, very damaging to the whole world frankly, and it's something which i hope the president recognizes, this is a nation invading another country, going across sovereign borders and annexing another country, another part of another country. this is a game changer. >> do you think he gets it, because when he's asked the question about america's influence having declined under his leadership, what would your answer be to that leadership? >> there's no question, but over the four years where he and secretary clinton were working together, and now the year since then, it's hard to name a single
7:18 pm
country that holds america in more esteem and respect than when the president took office five years ago. that's not been a time of building america's respect and admiration and esteem and frankly our soft power or hard power around the world. and the president has to account for that. i think ultimately the historians will, but i'm less concerned about the historians and more concerned about what's happening in the world today, and we need a president that understands that not everybody around the world has the same interests. some people around the world want to oppress other people and expand territory, and take from the resources of other people. that's what's happening. the jihadists want to do that, clearly russia is intent on doing that, there are others as well. >> the president, it's interesting, he did find a foreign dictator that he's willing to stand up to, the war lord in uganda, he's not taking on kim jong-un or putin or syria, what was your reaction to
7:19 pm
the president's severe sanctions that he gave to russia? i was not very impressed, i don't think it's going to have much of an impact. >> the real reason we chose someone to be a leader is because we believe they have the capacity to see down the road further than we might, or they have the capacity to actually get something done that we might not be able to do, a doer, if you will, and part of being the leader of the free world is the capacity to see what might happen in the future, and to take action to shape the future. with regards to ukraine, the president should have been able to see this coming, i'm sure many advisers told russia may try to grab a piece of ukraine. if that might happen, how can i try to prevent that, what kind of action can i take. sanctions and communicating sanctions beforehand, russia, don't jump or these bad things will happen to you. don't jump, because you don't need to protect -- perhaps there's some other things we talk about, the missile defense
7:20 pm
system, he communicates those things beforehand. he may have had the capacity to prevent what actually occurred. >> if you were president, would you have brought back the issue -- you probably wouldn't have taken it off the table from the beginning, missile defense and the czech republic. does energy factor into this equation? >> of course, energy is part of the putin strategy. >> part of their economy. >> sure, it's part of their geo political plan if you will. to be able to have europe in a dill cat position, because they rely on russia for natural gas and other sources of energy. the reality is, i would not have given russia the gifts that secretary clinton and president obama gave russia, this whole reset with the smiling pictures of them pressing the button. are you kidding me, don't you understand that russia has different -- putin has different interests than america, and they will pursue those interests. and the best way to keep them from pursuing those interests is by being a strong and powerful
7:21 pm
nation that can stand up to them. when you say in syria, there's a red line here in syria, you go across the line there's going to be serious consequences. you go across the line, what do you do? you let putin do a slight of hand and then nothing. the only weakness, only leads to other people taking advantage of you, being aggressive. that's what leads to situations like ukraine. >> your thoughts on the american economy. you have an incredible background, you were governor, bain capital, we heard a lot about that during the campaign. do you think the economy is recovered as we're being told, we have 50 million americans in poverty, 92 million in the labor participation rate, the lowest labor participation rate in american history since 1978. 92 million americans can't get work. how would you characterize our economy? >> it's nowhere near as robust an active and job creating and payroll increasing as it could
7:22 pm
bep there's virtually nothing i could think of that the president's done to make it more likely for entrepreneurs to start businesses in america, for a business to decide to expand, for a foreign company to come here and invest money in the united states. he's made it more difficult. we have the highest tax rate for companies in the world, that doesn't bring people here, our regulatory burden gets worse and worse. we tilt the playing field in favor of organized labor. these things don't encourage job development, and by the way, we slow walk for a long time our energy resources. people are suffering because we haven't done all we could do to get this economy going. now, that being said, the private sector is extraordinarily resilient and innovative and our private sector is in my view the most extraordinary in the world and has the potential and is already -- you. >> really feel this is a recove recovery? >> i don't feel it's a good recovery, it's slow, it's painful, it's far more delayed than it should have been, but
7:23 pm
the private sector is slowly crawling its way back, and by the way, recessions don't last forever. this guy's been in office for five years, and he hasn't helped get this thing going again, but we'll ultimately come out of it. >> do you think energy is the answer? because i really am convinced that north dakota and texas with their unemployment rate 2, 3%. we could duplicate that success, hydrotracking, all these things seem to me to be the answer to an american economic renaissance. >> i see it as anais in the hole. it's something which could stimulate the economy and help erase some of the disadvantages we otherwise might have. having cheap plentiful natural gas means that manufacturing can come back to america and be competitive again. that's a terrific piece of news, it's an extraordinary gift that our land has given to us. at the same time, we have to be
7:24 pm
the innovative leader of the world, not just in energy, but high technology and entertainment, in agriculture, and america is the -- excuse me, the innovation leader of the world, that has to continue and so energy's a part of the picture but not the whole picture. >> what's life like post a very close election? >> it was the experience of a lifetime to run for president? >> would you do it again? >> look, if i were the right guy to do it again, i wouldn't shy away from it, but in my view, this is time for someone else to get the chance. they have a better chance of actually replacing a democratic administration than i do, because of that, i'm going to be arguing and fighting for whoever our nominee will be. we have some very good men and a couple women as well looking at the race, i expect to be supporting that nominee. >> governor, great to see you. >> thank you. coming up tonight, the showdown over the obama care
7:25 pm
contraceptive mandate, reached the highest court in the land today. should business owners be forced to violate their deeply held religious beliefs? and then arnold in studio, the former california governor and international movie star, he'll be here for an interview as hannity continues. you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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welcome back to hannity. a supreme court showdown. the case gets to the heart of obama care contraceptive mandate. this is a family owned company, it says it's religious beliefs prevent them from complying to this rebate. they're outraged. a pair of potentially catastrophic cases will be --
7:28 pm
could directly endanger health care access for millions of women. the five co-hosts join me number one cable show last night was the five. can you believe that? i humbly bow before you. >> i've been a number one fan from the beginning. >> thank you for giving me more time to fight with bob in a 24 hour period. >> does the first amendment mean anything? >> actually, what -- it could turn out to be a first amendment issue that the justices use when they rule on it, this is actually a very narrow case when it comes to the religious freedom restoration act. that is the case that's in question. there is nothing in this case that will change for women in terms of their constitutional right in terms of contraception. >> none?
7:29 pm
>> none. >> just like contraception is $3,000 for a law student, turns out to be $9 a month if you're on the birth control pill? >> there are a number of jewelry stores owned and run by orthodoxed juorthodox ed jews. if i went to work there and went to the cafeteria and said, i don't see any bacon. it's not like they're taking away for women. there are four types of birth control they will not pay for. >> it's the law of the land. these are two people who started this hobby lobby, they are very religious, they don't believe in this. they have 16,000 employees they're trying to deny their right to use them. the point,where does it stop? let's assume for a second they happen to be anti-gay.
7:30 pm
could they hold back medicine for hiv? >> if anybody wants to get these drugs they can go to the drugstore and buy them. no woman is told you can't go to duane reed or wall greens and buy them. >> what if they can't afford them? >> that goes to how you prioritize your spending. >> it's a convoluted analogy. the company under their health insurance plans provides for 16 different types of contraceptions, it's just the four that they think is against their religious beliefs that they won't pay for. >> it's apples and apples, you have to pay for hiv drugs you have to pay for contraceptive drugs. >> this is more limited in scope, i believe it is. i believe it's a harder religious freedom issue. it's the corporate exercise of
7:31 pm
religious freedom they're looking into. and there's one other issue, on those two issues, does one stop being religioubusiness practice? >> that is something that -- >> i would argue that's impossible. you can't separate the two. >> at the court today, the supreme court justice john roberts asked that question to the solicitor general who said, well, a corporation, he doesn't know of anyone that has actually ever brought a case under this act. the supreme court says there isn't anybody that has either. so -- that might be a question here, but just in terms of fairness, the obama administration has exempted under this specific provision several other entities including nonprofits. the question is, why is -- what is the difference between the nonprofit and the profit. i don't think that will actually wash. >> let's assume in states where they allow gay couples to be married, and a corporation doesn't like gay marriage, do you think that means they
7:32 pm
wouldn't allow people to work for them? >> we throw different analogies around. >> what if -- >> let's say somebody believes in a second amendment you like to carry the gun around with you. you have to leave your gun at home. i say, no i want to take my gun to a private property. i take it into the bathroom. >> the private company says we don't like guns, i go, work somewhere else or go work at home. i don't think you give up your private conscious beliefs because you open up a business. >> a corporation is not a business, and they have no right to deny people -- >> bob, bob, the free exercise thereof does not stop at the door of your business, it's who you are as a person. >> if that's the case, why do we need businesses at all. if you take this to the next possible extreme, kevin williamson, his colleague wrote a piece today that said, basically you are implicated. if the government is going to pay for anything, why do you
7:33 pm
need corporations at all. >> the nonpublic corporation. that means every nonpublic corporation in this country can decide what they like, what they don't like? is that right? >> no, that's not right. >> we have to go. coming up next -- >> let's hear it for these monsters right here. >> well, let me tell you, it's wonderful to be back again. >> last night the former california governor stepped inside the wwe ring, tonight he'll be back in our studios as hannity continues. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans.
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it's an occupational has ard when you fight the cartels. >> really? you seeing any other feds getting smoked? >> it could happen to anyone. >> you believe that, chief? or is that just [ bleep ]. >> men is listening.
7:39 pm
>> they're going to find you, boss. >> that's a clip from my next guest's movie, sabotage. we become back the former california governor, the one and only arnold schwarzenegger. how are you? >> good. >> you doing all right? >> yes, absolutely. >> you have the smoking tent, we would smoke cigars. you had the best time as governor as any elected official i've seen. >> everything i do, i enjoy. people always think, he works out five to six hours a day. i enjoyed working out. i had a vision where my body should go and i chased that vision. the same was true with show business and being governor. every hour i spent in the office, i felt like i get a step closer to that. this is why i'm always enthusiastic, no matter what i
7:40 pm
do, you really -- that is your life, though, if it's movies you're enthusiastic, politics you're enthusiastic. now you're back in the movies, how does that feel? >> it's terrific. have you to work your way up again. >> come on, you're a box office hit. >> yeah, but you have to -- work your way up to the top, and this has been really great, because i love to climb. there's nothing that is more fun than to climb a mountain, to climb your career. you're on top, you look around and say, now what? someone climbs mt. everest. >> you like the challenge, the batt battle? >> yes. whenever someone says to me that it can't be done, which, of course, i heard all my life. you can imagine when you're an austrian farm boy, and you say, i want to be a world champion in body building, i want to go to america, i want to be in the movies. you hear, no, no, no, no. >> why do so many americans miss
7:41 pm
that? they are born and raised here, they don't take advantage of it. >> they take it more for granted what is available, but i always tell people, no matter if i do a speech at the university or regular speech, whatever. this is truly the greatest country in the world and i've seen firsthand the doors of opportunity opening up in so many different directions. the key thing is, have you to work your butt off, don't ever look for a handout or a freebie or a shortcut. you -- the best thing, rule number one if you want to be successful, work your butt off, rule number one. number two, don't listen to the naysayers. those two things, you have a big -- >> now you're back in movies. do you miss politics? you're the governor of two terms, do you miss politics? >> many times. i mean, when this -- certain issues coming up, that i was passionate about.
7:42 pm
>> you and i disagree on this global warming thing. >> it's okay. let me tell you global warming is only one aspect of the story, people only talk about that a lot of times. but it is -- the green energy reduces jobs, the ever polluted world that causes death. 100,000 people die every year in america. because of pollution related illnesses, i think we can do better than that. for that alone, and national security. if we just go and produce our own energy in the combination of natural gas. >> and fracking and clean energy. >> i don't have a problem with that. but not the government. >> it's a no-brainer to get together for democrats and republicans. >> it should be. >> we have the technology for green energy, the oil, the natural gas, we have everything. and the nuclear technology.
7:43 pm
we have it all. it's an easy one to come up finally and hopefully in the future with the energy policy, and -- but you know, we talked about this many times. i'm a big believer. with both parties working together for the good of the people, rather than just to please your party. >> it's not happening, is it? >> no, all of the issues that are happening. if it's in health care, national security, the russians, whatever it is, always comes down to one thing. our leaders are not working together. it's like only half a team playing against the world. >> how do you reconcile the team that wants socialized medicine, obama care, which is failing four years in, and the team that says, we have to repeal that? i don't see a reconciliation there. >> right from the beginning, if both of the parties would have worked together to take something from the republican. >> he closed the door, he had the house and senate. >> i'm just saying, to me, it all comes down to one thing. both of the parties have to work
7:44 pm
together, and you have to make certain compromises to do that. it's all about leadership, we don't work as a team. you know in sports, you come from a sports background, it falls apart, you start losing. this is what i'm concerned about, this is why i always tell people, we have the number one nation in the world. the most powerful country. economically and militarily, let's keep it this way, let's work together as a team much. >> you know what i've always loved about you, your sense of humor. you were on with jimmy fallon, and this was a clip, i saw it earlier today. take a look. >> feast your eyes on this blender here, this bad boy is the perfect thing to make smoothies. >> we all know this is a blender, go ahead. let's get to the chopper. >> okay. that's coming up. >> it's a chopper! >> all right, now.
7:45 pm
i almost forgot to mention that the hp motor here is a tp hp motor. once we get that going. >> let's get to the chopper, let's gets to the chopper! >> you still have it. what's the movie sav taj about? >> a story of this elite team that infiltrates drug organizations, and it's a s.w.a.t. team, they're the toughest guys, but it's a movie where it's not like good versus evil. in the end we don't know any more. we are the good team, the good guys, the heroes crossed the line ourselves so many times, that it becomes gray. everything becomes gray. and, of course, it's a movie that deals with the fact that the drug organization, the cartel has kidnapped my family, my son and my wife.
7:46 pm
and tortured them slowly to death. and then they kill them, send me body parts every week. so i'm going through that. and this guy really uses every method in order to get revenge. >> by means necessary? >> no matter what it is -- >> i would do the same thing. >> exactly, you would. >> good to see you, appreciate you coming by. >> thank you. >> opening in movie theaters around the country on friday about. >> thank you. coming up, you don't have to take my word for it, now even the new york times they're not calling the president the greatest enemy on press freedom in a generation. we want you hear every night, set your dvr, record hannity the series so we don't miss you. create a three course italian dinner
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welcome back to "hannity" the press turns against it, that is what happened on friday. the "new york times" reporter called the obama administration quote, the greatest enemy of press freedom we've encountered in at least a generation. my next guest has been on the receiving end of the administration suppression tactics when indicted for allegedly violating campaign finance laws now, that happened shortly after
7:52 pm
he released a film that was highly critical of the president. joining us now is the man behind the movie "obama's america". i'm relieved to see someone in the press and particularly in "new york times" by challenging obama on free speech issue. one of the things encouraged this administration to be so heavy handed is because they get away with it. obama had a six-year honeymoon in which, for the most part, the press hasn't been acting like the press but like a press relations operation for the administration so, it's good to see some people are starting to speak up. >> do you think in your case you believe this is political persecution? i can't say anything about that the subject is surrounded with litigation i'm under instrucks not to talk
7:53 pm
about it. but i will say everyone knows that i've been a prominent critic of obama. i'm releasing a film this year going to take that criticism to a new level. so, people can look at that and make their own judgment. >> what is the worst penalty in this? >> i'm facing a two felony counts, carrying seven years in prison. it's a serious charge. >> you also, i thought it was bizarre the president going on, for example between two firms as one, you did a spoof of this yourself. let's play a part of this. >> supposed to have the leader of the free world vladimir putin. but he was busy so welcome to the second link in the row. barack obama. >> good to be with you. >> did you get to see my film "2016"? >> that is a ridiculous question. >> the irs official being
7:54 pm
investigated for targeting conservative groups what do you plan to do about it? >> we'll probably pardon. >> wait. did you just pardon a turkey? >> we do that every thanksgiving. >> if you're going to be handing out pardons... >> why don't we move on. >> all right. >> point of that? >> well, the point of that is to meet satire with satire. obama did something unusual going on that show we laughed and said we think we can do something funnier. we've made a parody as a way of marketing our film. >> thank you for being with us and more "hannity" coming up right after the break. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mcelebrex a day
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and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to cf before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him,
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left this evening and we'll bring you news as it happens on the missing plane we want to you set your dvr record "hannity" right here on fox. thanks for being with us see you back here tomorrow night. poll. good night. bill o'reilly is next. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. [shouting] >> even though evidence is overwhelming the malaysian jet crashed into the indian ocean. many refuse to believe that and are getting violent. tonight, we'll tell you why. >> our preference throughout will be to resolve this diplomatically. but i think we are prepared to take the next step if this situation gets worse. >> president obama saying russia will not be punished any further for seizing crimea. but if putin continues his land grab, tough tanks will then be imposed. ed henry with the president will tell us the latest. also tonight, charles krauthammer on the